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We are a technology company that understands complexity of businesses and with our technical expertise we help them transform and scale.

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Leverage our expertise to speed up your digital transformation

We use innovative approaches and custom software development know-hows to make your project succeed.

Enterprise automation

We help businesses effectively automate complex operations involving multiple stakeholders and integrated systems while complying with various regulations on state and industry level.

  • Business workflow orchestration
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Population health management
  • Media asset management

Deep tech

We couple our strong engineering know-hows with tangible scientific discoveries to enable the leaders of tomorrow’s landscape to build new visions and implement transformative solutions.

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Computer vision
  • Big data

Connected world

Our experience with connected technology allows us to orchestrate fast and secure communication via any channel, streamlining decision-making, entertainment, customer experiences, and more.

  • Internet of Things
  • Real-time communication
  • AR/VR
  • Enterprise and consumer mobility

Our Latest Projects

Check out the unique business challenges we have solved for the world’s leading companies. We synergized our multi-year custom software development expertise to dive deep into each projects’ specifics and achieve measurable business results.

Our Latest Project
Business Process Automation System

Our Latest Project
Business Process Automation System

Our Latest Project
Business Process Automation System

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End-to-end quality assurance at scale

Strongly adhering to an industry-leading approach to quality, we engage our ISTQB-certified QA engineers in the development process early on to lower bug fixing and maintenance costs.

  • Functional and non-functional testing
  • Covering web, mobile, smart TVs, STBs, and more
  • Client-side and server-side performance testing
  • Cost-efficient balance between manual and automated QA
  • Detailed reporting with 27 actionable metrics

Pervasive DevOps culture

Tap into Rambee’s DevOps expertise to accelerate delivery and reduce project costs. We leverage CI/CD best practices and frequently merge code changes to a central shared repository while running automated unit tests. This allows us to release fortnightly, weekly, or even daily — in an automated and sustainable way.

  • End-to-end infrastructure management
  • Version management and control
  • Virtualization of data, infrastructure and services
  • Deployment and release orchestration
  • CI/CD pipeline automation and optimization

Rock-solid security

Leverage our overarching approach to security and privacy that complies with the stringiest requirements and regulations. We use key OWASP recommendations and tools like SonarQube, Orizon, LAPSE+, and more to ensure solid security across the entire SDLC.

  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
  • Application and network scanning against known and unknown threats
  • Static and dynamic code analysis
  • False positives prediction and minimization
  • Component analysis to reduce the risk of using third-party software and hardware

Our value-driven approach to custom software development


Our R&D and BA experts work with your stake­holders to avoid unplanned costs and maximize the ROI at a later stage of your product development. We help you validate the concept, set clear expectations, and identify potential bottlenecks.

  • Market and competitive analysis
  • Feasibility study and proof of concept
  • Finding new business and monetization models
  • Business and technology innovation
  • Developing a multi-platform strategy
  • Crafting security and scalability roadmaps
  • Choosing the right tech stack

UX and UI Design

Our team aims to drive user adoption and satisfaction for your product with an eye for future growth. We perform user-centric analysis to align the overall experience with your business goals and user needs, and let you make well-informed product decisions.

  • User journey mapping
  • Identifying technical, business, or usage constraints
  • Wireframing, mocking up, and prototyping
  • Setting usability metrics
  • A consistent user experience across all platforms
  • A lightning-fast, pixel-perfect UI

Development and Testing

We marry engineering and QA so you can reduce costs and time-to-market while building a product that is functional, scalable and secure. Then, we will stay on board to help you roll out cool new features and integrations, and increase your user base.

  • A robust and flexible back-end
  • Enterprise-grade information security
  • DevOps-powered continuous delivery process
  • End-to-end manual testing, including functional, integration and UI

Trusted by over 1500 customers around the world

Planning and Requirement Analysis
Defining Requirements
Designing the Product Architecture
Building or Developing the Product
Testing the Product
Deployment in the Market and Maintenance

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What's special about your software development service?

Over 7 years of experience in designing web-app from concepts to reality. Build your web-app using RAMBEE fully custom service, using our revolutionary development process. On top of a great development is even better customer support. The only IT company you will ever need.

How much do you charge ?

Pricing depends on number of factors from technology stack to design to functionality to timeline. Reach out to us to get the exact cost and time. Do not forget to ask for DISCOUNTS.

Can I get a free consultation ?

YES, you can. Fill out a form and your project manager will reach out within 24 hours.

What are your timings to talk to you?

Answer is 24/365. Our Customer Support is available 24/365. All you have to do is reach out to us and we will be there on the other end to help you.

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Fill up the formWe will get back to you within 1 Business Day.

Fill up the formWe will get back to you within 1 Business Day.

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